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Professional Development
Better Teachers, Better School

Training of Rato Bangala Teachers

Since its inception Rato Bangala Bangala School has collaborated with Bank Street College of Education (New York, USA). Over the years, Rato Bangala teachers have been trained at Bank Street College of Education in New York as well as at the school premises. All Rato Bangala teachers are expected to attend teacher training sessions offered by the school. In addition, short workshops are held frequently throughout the year, usually on Sundays, as part of staff development. The faculty is closely supervised on a day-to-day basis, and this provides opportunities for the growth and development of teachers. Teachers participate in the Child Centered Level I Training as well as the Primary Teacher Training Programme run jointly by Rato Bangala Foundation, Bank Street College of Education and Kathmandu University.

Many Bank Street Faculty have come to Rato Bangala over the years to provide invaluable training. In listing them, we thank them for their support in the growth and development of Rato Bangala School.

  • Nona Weekes and Beth Norford: Summer 1991
  • Beth Norford and Sam Brian: Summer 1992
  • Lucille Peterson: Summer 1993
  • Betsy Hall: Spring 1994
  • Catherine Franklin: Summer 1994
  • Michael Cook: Summer 1995
  • Todd Jackson: Summer 1997
  • Katy O'Donnell Summer 1998
  • Katy O'Donnell: 1999 April
  • Mimi Rosenberg Summer 1999
  • Stan and Linda Chu: Summer 1999
  • Judith Gold: April 2000
  • Anne-Marie-Mott: Summer 2000
  • Katy O'Donnell 2001 April
  • Stan Chu: 2001 April
  • Stan Chu: 2003 April
  • Katy O'Donnell: 2003 April
  • Jon Snyder: 2003 April
  • Marvin Cohen: 2008 June
  • Lynne Einbender: 2010 July
  • Beth Norford: 2011 August - September
  • Judith Gold: 2011 September

In addition, Carol O’Donnell, presently Head of Manhattan Country School conducted a Workshop on Teaching Language Arts at Rato Bangala in the Summer of 1997.

Rato Bangala Faculty have been trained for a term at Bank Street. The first phase of the program that ended in 2002 is being revised again at Rato Bangala, and fresh fuculty members will be visiting Bank Street and bringing back to the School the latest that Bank Street has to offer. The RBS faculty that went to Bank Street in the following dates:

  • Milan Dixit: Spring 1996
  • Kamana Regmi: Spring 1998 (no longer at RBS)
  • Ela Piya: Spring 1999 (no longer at RBS)
  • Shanta Dixit: Fall1999
  • Punyasheel Gautam: Spring 2000
  • Basant Yadav: Fall 2000
  • Rekha Pandey: Spring 2001
  • Sarita Rana: Fall 2001
  • Achala Pokhrel: Fall 2002

Training by Rato Bangala Faculty

The opportunity to train at Bank Street has empowered Rato Bangala faculty to run a very strong teacher training program within the School. The fisrst such training was designed and implemented in 1997, and this was the Child Centered Level One training. Later in 2003-2004, a more ambitious and academic program was launched, and this was with a tri-partite agreement between Rato Bangala, Kathmandu University and Bank Street College of Education in New York City. This was the one-year Primary Teacher Training Programme (PTTP) leading up to a Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE).

The PTTP was designed to be run by a Foundation, and thus the Rato Bangala Foundation was born. Rato Bangala School also handed over its Child Centered Level One Trining to the Foundation.

Now in addition the above mentioned programs, Rato Bangala Faculty also provide training at the Secondary level.  The Secondary Teacher Training Program focuses on teaching English, Mathematics and Science, the three subjects in which students around Nepal fail to do well.

While the Child Centered Learning Level One and The Primary Teacher Training Program are required trainings for all Rato Bangala primary teachers, the Secondary Teacher Training Program will soon be required for all new secondary teachers that join Rato Bangala School. Thus, the training programs benefit RBS in two ways: by providing an opportunity for our senior faculty to train, and an  opportunity for our incoming staff members to become trained.

Stephen Eckerd: an inspiration to RBS

We are grateful to Stephen Eckerd, anthropologist concentrating on the tarai, who was our first teacher trainer. Stephen is responsible for designing the school uniform, classrooms as well as the RBS South building. The numerous hands-on training sessions and field trips that he conducted truly inspired us at Rato Bangala. Stephen’s legacy at Rato Bangala can be seen every day in and out of the classroom. Stephen currently works at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. 
Bank Street Trainer at RBS
Ms Ali Mckersie, a stalwart teacher from Bank Street School for Children(NY), worked with teachers from grades IV to VIII for two weeks. Ms Ali modeled lessons in grades VI and VIII and conducted sessions for teachers in the afternoons. The unit in grade VIII was on the Model Constituent Assembly of Nepal where students stepped into the shoes of assembly members and debated current issues facing the country and drafted bills. In grade VI, Ms Ali conducted a unit on Research where the students learnt the steps in conducting research. We thank Ms Ali Mckersie for contributing her valuable expertise to Rato Bangala School.
Learning Matisse
Gayle Saunders, a visiting artist conducts a session with Grade VII on 'Learning about Matisse: Drawing with Scissors'.
Training session on 'Language Arts'
RBS teachers completed a training session on 'Language Arts' on 25 - 29 July,2010 with Lynne Einbender, head of Literacy Program from Bank Street College of Education, New York.