Rato Bangala Schoolrepo upload We believe in building a positive environment which cultivates critically thinking individuals who want to learn and grow into cooperative, loving, confident, concerned global citizens
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Rato Bangala School
Rato Bangala is a co-educational day school that also houses a teacher training institute. It strives to replicate its innovative teaching methods and quality instruction (called the Rato Bangala Method) in schools across Nepal.

Rato Bangala opened in Lalitpur, Nepal, in 1992 with a commitment to groom Nepali students to be analytical and independent thinkers aware of both the country's present situation and its potential. To make learning meaningful and relevant, the school works closely with parents and the wider community. It emphasizes cooperative action, social service and critical thinking.

By recognizing the individual aptitudes and strengths, Rato Bangala motivates students to be lifelong learners. The school believes that academic excellence should go hand in hand with social and emotional growth. With its rigorous and stimulating curriculum, the school helps develop confident and articulate individuals who are committed to justice and development.